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Category:Business Management Test Prep
Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews
Maj (Retd) Ravindran Vasudevan
ISBN 978-81-8495-933-8  
Major Ravindran Vasudevan has revolutionized the SSB Training activities across the country. During the course of last two decades, he has trained thousands of candidates and led them to success.

This book deals with proven self-learning techniques and tools that enable the reader to clear all the SSB tests
It is an evidence based approach elaborated in details
Gist of various success stories are summarized and included for self learning
Unique case studies that emerged during the course of training of candidates are included
Readers are provided with online support to understand the concepts in depth
These are strategies and practical ideas that will guide the reader to be a winner. Every leader should have the traits elaborated in this book

Major Ravindran Vasudevan is a management and leadership trainer. He is a visionary entrepreneur and founder of Cavalier India and Excel Training Academy, the biggest network of SSB coaching academies.

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