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Relativity Made Relatively Easy!
Barry Parker
ISBN 978-81-950627-8-2  
Understanding Einsteinís Creative Genius

Not since Isaac Newton had anyone conceived the universe in such a revolutionary, startling new way.

Given the fervent renewed appreciation for the contributions Albert Einstein has bestowed on humanity, physicist and popular science writer Barry Parker dedicates a book to explaining in the clearest possible terms to the broadest possible audience the meaning and beauty of Einsteinís theories.

While tracing the story of Einsteinís life, Parker seizes on the crucial groundbreaking theories that Einstein envisioned. Through Parkerís eloquence, eye for detail, and clever use of Einsteinian cartoons and vivid illustrations, he enables the reader to see and appreciate for perhaps the first time the full meaning and scope of Einsteinís Special Theory of Relativity and General Theory of Relativity. Parker then guides the reader to the next step in Einsteinís revelations: the possibility of time travel. Parkerís incomparable gift for language captures Einsteinís uniqueness, singular brilliance, and stunning theories.

The clarity of the writing coupled with the many illustrations will drive home the point why so many consider Einstein to be the greatest scientist who ever lived and Time magazine named Albert Einstein ďPerson of the Century.Ē

BARRY PARKER (Pocatello, ID) is an award-winning science writer and the author of 27 highly acclaimed popular science books. He is professor emeritus of physics at Idaho State University.

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Releasing on 3rd September, 2021

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