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Out of this World
Wayne W. Dyer
ISBN 978-93-86867-41-4  
A fable on finding success and inner peace

Science and technology have brought us forward into a grand new world with greater opportunities than ever before. But our attitudes and feelings have not evolved equally. The solution is to look from another perspective. Through this, we are moved to new emotions and behaviours.

So what would be the reactions of an intelligent visitor from another planet to our complex systems here on Earth? How would we view that visitorís culture? Are we ready to accept an objective view?

Out of this World is the encounter and exchange between a citizen of Earth and Uranus. Peaceful, open, life-loving people who seek to enhance the well-being of all, the two innocuously observe our society and through that, reveal our realities.

This book is a classic parable that bares humankindís limitless possibilities as it seamlessly slips you into the role of an observer and invites you to look within.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer was the bestselling author of 20 books and had a doctorate in counselling psychology. He lectured across the country to groups numbering in the thousands and appeared regularly on radio and television.

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