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Yoddha: The Dynasty of Samudragupta
Rajat Pillai
ISBN 978-93-86867-58-2  
AD 379. The Gupta dynasty is stepping into its golden age
But the past holds many dark secrets...

After long and bloody wars, Samrat Samudragupta sits on the pinnacle of an empire. yet, close to his throne are hearts filled with revenge, scheming to bring him down.

Into this gathering storm arrives Chandragupta, the king’s long-lost son. As he settles into his new life devastating family secrets surface, old wounds are reopened and Chandra can no longer trust anyone – least of all those closest to him. Bizarre and sinister incidents abound as palace conspiracies unravel plunging Rajgriha into a pit of chaos.

Will the son pay for the sins of his father?

Yoddha: The Dynasty of Samudragupta unfolds the murky loves and lies of one of the most illustrious clans in history.

Rajat Pillai is a graduate from IMI Delhi. He is the author of two previous novels – Chandragupta: Path of a Fallen Demi-God and The Dead Woman Writing.

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Harsha: The Fearless Warrior of Thanesar
Rajat Pillai
ISBN 978-93-91019-66-2  
Nothing is permanent in politics.
Only scars remain forever.

Born a royal and surrounded by luxury, Prince Harshavardhan had assumed that life would be easy. But everything changes shortly after his 17th birthday as the young prince is thrust into hostile territory all alone.

A grand game of deceit beyond his age is simmering, and Harsha is the central piece. A ruthless invader, a barbaric neighbor, allies with changing loyalties and untrustworthy deputies are all part of the volatile political landscape he inherits. To add to his woes, a pair of bloodthirsty, psychotic twins stalk him across kingdoms, tracking his every move. The only thing that keeps Harsha alive is the desire to rescue his sister imprisoned by a savage rival.

Will the young prince defy all odds to counter Bharatvarsh’s two mightiest kingdoms?
Where will destiny carry Harsha?
Will the Vardhana dynasty sink into history?

Rajat Pillai is a Mumbai-based software technology architect whose first book Chandragupta was a national bestseller. It was translated into regional languages and the movie rights were acquired by a global production house. He has ventured into different genres with novels like Dead Woman Writing and Yoddha, which have garnered critical acclaim from national media.

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