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The Power of Handwriting Analysis
Pradnyaa Sourabh Parikh
ISBN 978-81-8495-919-2  
Time and again it has been proven that our handwriting reveals a lot about our personality. Every line and curve that we make reflects who we really are.

The Power of Handwriting Analysis is a book based on the years of research and experience of graphologist Pradnyaa Parikh. Just the way you change your D, T, Y, S and I to name a few can escalate your self-esteem, communication skills and confidence.

Understand your weaknesses, develop your strengths and use it to your advantage! And the positive changes that happen will not disappear when you stop practicing your writing.

This book is meant for high school students, college-goers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and anyone who is looking to improve their way of life.

So get started because your handwriting may very well change your life!

Pradnyaa Sourabh Parikh has more than 12 years of experience in the field of graphology. She has conducted seminars and classes on the subject of handwriting and signature analysis for both Latin and Devnagari scripts. She has hosted a radio show on graphology for a year and is also a doodle analyst as well as a certified linguist professional (German language translator). She is currently engaged in writing books on the subjects of colour therapy, doodle analysis, aura reading and body language interpretation.

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