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The Autobiography of a Stock (Second Edition)
Manoj Arora
ISBN 978-93-86867-67-4  
A common man’s guide to stock investing

Stocks offer magnificent wealth creation opportunities. Are you ready to test the waters?

Stocks are simple, yet powerful investment tools. But lack of knowledge, patience and faith make them a dangerous gamble. And so, people dread entering the stock market when it should be an inseparable part of their portfolio. The Autobiography of a Stock takes a unique look at the problem—through the eyes of Mr. Stock.

Gobind, a young man eager to invest, approaches Mr. Stock for guidance through the roller-coaster ride of buying a stock, holding on to it and finally exiting it in time.

Join him on his exhilarating journey, complete with its soaring heights and dismal lows, in a real market scenario, with real stocks and real data. Learn with him as he discovers 101 unforgettable lessons in the dynamic world of stocks. Tried, tested and thoroughly practical, these lessons are stock market scripture that can bring you not only excellent returns but also long-term wealth in volatile situations—be it the rise and fall of Yes Bank, the meteoric rise of Reliance Industries, or a black swan event like the COVID 19 pandemic.

“…provide[s] understanding of basics without much of technical jargon!”
—K V NARAYANAN, Former VP, Tata Consultancy Services

MANOJ ARORA is a gold medalist in engineering from AMU, Aligarh. In his career spanning more than two decades, he has worked for Fortune 500 organisations across the globe including IBM, L&T and TCS. An IT-professional-turned-author, he has to his credit multiple bestsellers on dreams, parenting, money and happiness. Founder Trustee of Kalpavriksha—a tree plantation NGO, Manoj lives by his life’s mission to elevate the world around him.

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Category:Business Management Finance
From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom
Manoj Arora
ISBN 978-81-8495-400-5  
2nd Edition

A common man’s journey...

Free online access to plan & track your own Financial Freedom

Your road map to achieving financial freedom and living your dreams

Financial freedom is not defined by your net worth or your social status. It does not matter how much you earn – what matters is how much you can save and invest wisely. The secret to financial freedom is learning the basic concepts of good planning and adopting the right attitude. But how does one achieve this?

Everyone around us is trapped in a mindless rat race. If you’ve resolved to take control of your finances and construct a personal finance plan, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom is a good starting point.

Written by a common man for the common man, this book will help you lead an independent and conscious life.

Manoj Arora, an engineer by profession, is a gold medalist from Aligarh Muslim University. Having worked for Fortune 500 organizations across the globe, including IBM, he has also worked for leading Indian companies such as L&T and TCS. An IT professional turned author, he has to his credit multiple bestselling books on Dreams, Money and Happiness. He lives by his life’s mission to elevate the world around him.

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