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The Andhra Cookbook
Komala Sista Rao
ISBN 978-93-87944-66-4  
Foreword by SUNEETA RAO

Traditional Vegetarian Recipes from My Motherís Kitchen

Komala Sista Rao, a former singer and mother of pop singer and stage actress Suneeta Rao, presents a compilation of her familyís culinary legacy Ė well-chosen, delectable vegetarian Andhra home recipes.

The Andhra Cookbook breaks stereotypes of Andhra food being all about chillies or too spicy for most palates. Offering recipes with a depth of flavours and several ideas for novices and experts alike, this cookbook will encourage you to relish and experiment with Andhra cooking.

With a wide selection of vegetable curries, dals, stews and chutneys, this book provides a keen insight into the regionís cuisine. It can also serve as a well-organised guide that includes detailed explanations about preparation methods and suggested menus to understand how to combine dishes.

These recipes carry with them the creativity, labour and love of generations of women in the authorís family, finely crafted and perfected over the years.

The excellent food photography inside will help you instantly connect with the rich and delicious world of Andhra cuisine.

Komala Sista Rao was a professional singer in the early 1960ís Ė a respected name in Hindustani light classical, Bollywood music and an All-India Radio artiste.
She married at the age of 23 and moved to Germany, where she lived for ten years, cooking traditional Andhra recipes to preserve the essence of her home, away from home. When she returned to India, her kitchen was always open to friends and family, for whom she cooked just as her mother had done for years. Always serving up the best of meals, she earned a reputation of being a sublime and original cook.

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