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Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power
Ken Bossone
ISBN 978-93-86867-23-0  
• See the Invisible
• Feel the Intangible
• Achieve the Impossible

We have been setting goals for ourselves and achieving them since the beginning of time. We must work hard to get what we want. But what’s that main ingredient that all winners possess? What drives them in the face of defeat and adversity?

In Why Positive Thinkers have the Power, author Ken Bossone studies the poignant stories of great thinkers, leaders and winners such as Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin and Oprah Winfrey.

Laced with humour, coupled with many pragmatic quotes from the living and the deceased pundits of the world such as Shakespeare and Cicero, and Lance Armstrong and Muhammad Ali, this book welcomes you to become a dreamer. It will motivate you to take the reins and navigate confidently through life.

Ken Bossone is a financial and business advisor. He is the president of the World Positive Thinkers Club, which includes more than 500 celebrities of the sports and business world, including Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong, Peyton Manning and even the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

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