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Love Only
Kavita Gupta
ISBN 978-93-90166-28-2  
This book is about the eternal quest of a soul for love; a love that can provide fulfillment. It is a journey into the self; a journey to find meaning and re-establish communion with God.

Love Only is a story of an angel who gives up her privileged position near God to find ‘true’ and ‘exclusive’ love. Through her journey, she chronicles love in its various colours—of longing, of pain, of understanding, of hope, of deliverance.

The author, Kavita Gupta, weaves this soul-searching journey beautifully, incorporating the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Sufi philosophies. Through her extraordinary storytelling prowess, Gupta fuses prose and poetry masterfully to make the reader wonder about the true nature of love.

Can carnal desires and limiting cravings define individual love?

How does individual love relate to divine love?

Why is human love so pressing, and can it be everlasting?

The book inspires the reader to search for eternal love within each one of us, instead of seeking it outside.

KAVITA GUPTA, IAS, has four master’s degrees and a PhD. She has navigated her spiritual journey through streams of all major religious thoughts under the guidance of many spiritual masters. She is also a meditation teacher, yoga instructor, tarot card reader and trained in past life regression therapy and other healing modalities.

“A story that weaves through otherworldly wilderness”
AMISH TRIPATHI, bestselling author

“...for the incorrigibly romantic”
PRAHLAD KAKKAR, ad film director"

Releasing on 28th January, 2021

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