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Category:Religion and Philosophy
Classic Tales from Mystic India
Kamla K. Kapur
ISBN 978-81-8495-446-3  
Stories of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha and Krishna and from the Ramayana and Mahabharata

King Kubera was the greediest man in the world. Hated and feared by many, he schemed to win the love of the beautiful goddess Parvati... but learned an important lesson when he invited her elephant-headed son Ganesha to lunch one day...

THUS GOES ONE OF THE MANY DELIGHTFUL TALES in this decidedly grown-up book of traditional Indian stories, retold for the modern reader. Author Kamla K. Kapurís connection to these ago-old stories is the reverent yet individualistic kind we might expect from someone whose introduction is of her hometown, where naked, dreadlocked holy men speed about on motorbikes.

To collect these stories, Kapur relied on ancient sacred texts, modern scholarship and chance encounters with interesting people who just happened to know a really good one about the time that Vishnu sank into the ocean, was incarnated as a pig, and had a really wonderful time.

Like myths around the world, these are teaching stories that offer both a window into a fascinating culture that has existed for thousands of years, and a code for living that can be applied to the modern world. Whether you read these engaging tales for the monkey gods, talking toads and beautiful maidens in distress... or for an Eastern viewpoint on the eternal questions surrounding love, friendship, faith, happiness and war, this is a book that bears repeated reading and is a fine addition to any collection.

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Category:Religion and Philosophy
The Singing Guru
Kamla K. Kapur
ISBN 978-81-8495-752-5  
Legends and Adventures of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh

From the best-selling author of Classic Tales from Mystic India comes an original novel about the life and travels of Guru Nanak ó musician, enlightened thinker and one of the most beloved figures in Eastern spirituality.

This captivating depiction ó part fiction, part history ó weaves together facts, legends, folktales, myths and over 40 of Guru Nanakís poems from the Sikh holy book, the Granth Sahib.

Told through the eyes of his companion Mardana, The Singing Guru chronicles the struggle to attain balance between a material and spiritual mindset, helped along the way by the companionship, wisdom and songs of Nanak. Containing a variety of tales that illustrate Mardanaís struggles with temptation, attachment, greed and pride, this book has stories for people of all backgrounds.

Kamla K Kapurís previous books include Classic Tales from Mystic India and Pilgrimage to Paradise. She is also a poet (As a Fountain in a Garden, Radha Speaks), a short story writer and an award winning playwright. She and her husband, Payson R. Stevens, live half the year in the Kullu Valley in the Himalayas and the other half in Southern California, USA. For more information visit kamlakkapur.com

For sale in the Indian sub-continent only

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Rumi: Tales to Live By
Kamla K. Kapur
ISBN 978-93-86348-93-7  
Personal, poignant, and fierce with passion for life and the sacred, Rumi: Tales to Live By will leave you with heart-wrenching gratitude for lifeís trials and gifts.

Approaching the final days of his life, the great Sufi mystic Rumi penned down the wisdom he had gained over the years into a spiritual masterpiece known as the Mathnawi. A rich and insightful retelling of his work, Rumi: Tales to Live By is a sweet, comforting, and at times, fiery guide to nourish the spirit.

Against the backdrop of modern times and issues, Rumiís sketches of humanity show a new generation of spiritual seekers how to live through the trials and tribulations of life, illuminating even the darkest of paths with divine light.

Award-winning author Kamla Kapur further enhances the read with personal experiences from her own journey, making the narrative an enchanting mix of the real and the wondrous. Touching, passionate and sparkling, her commentary on these sometime forgotten but beloved stories clears the clouds of confusion and inspires in readers the strength to follow The Way.

Kamla K. Kapur is a bestselling poet, author, and playwright. Kapur taught courses in play writing, poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, mythology, Shakespeare, and womenís literature at Grossmont College in California for eighteen years. She and her husband divide their year living in the Kullu Valley in the Indian Himalayas and in Southern California.

For sale in the Indian sub-continent only
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