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Kumar Mangalam Birla
Drimi Chaudhuri
ISBN 978-93-87944-50-3  
10 Success Secrets

Famously shy and unbelievably humble, Kumar Mangalam Birla is not one to talk about his achievements, whether in private or in public. Thatís why this book is invaluable to anyone who aspires to reach the heights the Birla scion has attained.

Author Drimi Chaudhuri expertly combs through the rise and rise of Kumar Mangalam from the day the 28-year-old took over the reins of the group and weaves a splendid account of how the young heir managed to revamp the corporate culture at AB Group and elevated the company to the level of a conglomerate it is today. With the help of the industrialistís close aides, associates and family members, Chaudhuri unearths what makes Kumar Mangalam Birla a successful mogul.

Read on to know more about the man who leads one of Indiaís biggest multinationals and his business mantras.

Drimi Chaudhuri is a journalist with credits on a wide range of articles, from politics to films. After a career spanning two decades in top English dailies, he now steers corporate communications for a leading private healthcare group from Eastern India.

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