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Worst Enemy, Best Teacher
Diedre Combs
ISBN 978-93-86867-77-3  
How to Survive and Thrive with Opponents, Competitors, and The People Who Drive You Crazy

Learn to embrace your worst fears and greatest adversaries!

We all have people who drive us crazy. Perhaps it is a nasty neighbour or a politician whose views we abhor or an infuriating relative. Although we would rather live without the annoyances and the challenges these people present, they continue to cause us misery.

Worst Enemy, Best Teacher talks about not only how to cope with adversaries but also how to use their presence to improve and learn more about ourselves. The book explains how to turn conflicts into opportunities and vexing opponents into valuable teachers. Combining ancient combat techniques with recent brain research and universal mediation skills, author Deidre Combs provides straightforward methods to create calm and harmony in our lives.

Learn to:
• Comfortably deal with difficult people
• Function better under stress
• Improve your personal and professional relationships
• Develop a greater sense of inner peace

Deidre Combs is the author of various books on cross-cultural approaches to resolving conflict and overcoming challenges. Her books integrate common wisdom from the world’s lasting cultural traditions with systems theory and brain research. She provides leadership and conflict strategies as a management consultant, coach, mediator and professor.

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