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The Inner Life of Krishnamurti
Aryel Sanat
ISBN 978-93-86867-59-9  
Private Passion and Perennial Wisdom

J. Krishnamurti was a revolutionary in the deepest sense of that word.

To the world at large, he was a renowned philosopher, orator, author and educator, whom the theosophists regarded as World Teacher – a messianic figure who would bring about world enlightenment.

But who was he in his private life?

Krishnamurti broke away from the Theosophical Society in 1929 declaring the need for complete spiritual freedom through self-awareness. To further his cause around the globe, he established the Krishnamurti Foundation. For over 60 years, he publicly shunned belief systems and presuppositions of any sort. However, evidence suggests that his life was saturated with the esoteric, with frequent episodes of hallucinations and out-of-body experiences.

Krishnamurti’s personal life is a strange and sublime story, not the least because most of it was kept secret for more than five decades. The Inner Life of Krishnamurti is the ripened fruit of author Aryel Sanat’s 30-plus years of meticulous research into the life and works of the enigmatic truth-seeker.

Aryel Sanat (Miguel Angel Sanabria) has been interested in Theosophy since his teens and has lectured and written on J. Krishnamurti since 1964. Having received a bachelors degree in humanities from the Instituto de la Habana at the age of 16, Sanat also attended the University of Miami, and received a B.A. in philosophy there as well. He has presented several lectures and papers on various Theosophical topics.

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