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The Saga of Black Gold
Anuradha, Illustrations by Artist Namboodiri
ISBN 978-81-8495-944-4  
Set in 15th-century Kerala, The Saga of Black Gold is a gripping tale of love, war and commerce.

The Portuguese captain anchored his fleet near the Calicut port. He fixed his piercing gaze on the shore and stood still. This time, Vasco da Gama made up his mind to take the treasures of the Malabar Coast back with him at any cost. His priority, pepper – the Black Gold!

Across the sea, the Zamorin of Calicut began to panic. He knew Gama’s return meant trouble. Calicut’s relationship with the neighbouring kingdoms isn’t exactly cosy, thanks to Zamorin’s exacting trade policy. A failure at this point is not an option and that too, to a foreigner! To add to his worries, there’s a spy roaming free in his own turf, plotting revenge.

In the center of all this melee is the Zamorin’s pretty niece, Kunjulakshmi, harbouring her own little secret that could crumble the kingdom and start a war of doom on the coast.

Filled with familiar milestones from history, Anuradha’s splendid novel is accompanied by illustrations from the celebrated Artist Namboodiri.

Anuradha is the pen name of Radha Narayana Menon, an eminent writer from Kochi, Kerala. She has published two short story collections and ten novels in Malayalam. The Saga of Black Gold is Anuradha’s first novel in English.

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The Silent Witness
ISBN 978-93-87944-61-9  
Illustrations by Artist Namboodiri


Seventeenth century Malabar. Law and order lay in shambles as the Portuguese terrorize the locals. Native kings troop in separate camps—for and against the foreign invaders. The rift is so deep that Samoothiri of Calicut, the sworn enemy of the Kochi kingdom, has finally decided to join forces with Kochi to fight the outsiders.

In a dramatic turn of events, the heir to the Kochi throne, Kerala Varma, and his brother, Veera Kerala Varma, go into exile in guise of sanyasis to escape the Portuguese. During their journey, Veera Kerala Verma falls in love with Unnimaya, the gorgeous niece of the army chief of Chempakassery Raja, a major Portuguese ally.

Another storm is brewing in the horizon. The Dutch, seizing the opportunity to topple the Portuguese rule, plan to partner with Kerala Varma and Samoothiri. Will they succeed? Who will rule Kochi next? Will Veera Kerala Varma’s and Unnimaya’s love triumph above duty?

Anuradha is the pen name of Radha Narayana Menon, an eminent writer from Kochi, Kerala. She is the author of The Saga of Black Gold and has also published two short story collections and ten novels in Malayalam.

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Category:History Reference
India An Illustrated Guide
Prem Kishore & Anuradha Kishore Ganpati
ISBN 81-7992-339-8  
“India: An Illustrated History is a wonderful first step to understanding India and its people.”
— Sreenath Sreenivasan, professor, Columbia University School of Journalism; co-founder, South Asian Journalist Association

“Using a refreshingly Indian voice, the authors have condensed the history and culture of this fascinating civilization into a lively and informative guide that will be a valuable resource for students and travelers embarking on their exploration of India.”
— Meher McArthur, curator, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California

This volume succinctly recounts 45,000 years of Indian history, from the earliest Indus valley settlements to the twentieth-century struggle against British imperial rule, including the challenges facing the country today. Sections on cultural traditions, regional cuisine, dress, and religion bring the varied facets of this nation to life.
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